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The Felicity Shiatsu Neck Massager is truly versatile thanks to the innovative hand straps. Wrap the unit anywhere around you, including your neck, upper back, or lumbar region, and slip your hands into the soft handles on the straps. It is easy and comfortable to adjust the massage location and pressure by pulling on the handles, allowing you to effortlessly target hard-to-reach spots. The durable, soft synthetic leather material is sturdy and sophisticated, and the inner mesh lining around the massage heads allows air to flow. The Felicity Shiatsu Neck Massager is designed for the neck, although it can be applied all over the body. The right and left rotating heads are applied to either side of the neck, and each features 4 nodes that glide against the skin to soothe away sore spots. 8 nodes in total give your muscles a thorough massage that youÕll love. Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese style of massage that targets pressure points along the body to stimulate blood flow, soothe inflamed nerves, and balance the flow of energy throughout the body. Not only does this technique relieve the specific muscles that you apply the Felicity Shiatsu Neck Massager to, but it also helps to create an overall sense of balance and wellness throughout your body. With a touch of a button you can turn on the Heat option or reverse the direction of the spinning heads. Heat warms the muscles, increases the blood circulation to sore or inflamed areas, and helps to aid healing and recovery. And if you have hit on an area that is in need of relief, click the Directional button to reverse the direction of the spinning head from clockwise to counterclockwise, which simulates the techniques hand massage. Great for use at the office, at home, or in the car (car power adapter included). Use it after a long day of work, after workout or exercise, or to prevent or recover from injury.

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