Shiatsu レッグマッサージャー



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The Shiatsu Leg Massager is designed to work on your calves, feet, and ankles at the same time. Experience total lower-leg relief! The calf massage uses rubber kneading discs at the top left and right of each calf, which press and squeeze rhythmically. A reflexology roller rotates against the back of each calf to stimulate pressure points. The foot and ankle massage uses rubber kneading discs at the bottom left and right of each foot, which press and squeeze rhythmically, applying soothing pressure to the top and sides of the feet, and around the ankles. Rollers on the front-bottom of both feet specifically target key pressure points at the arch, heel, and ball. At the same time, the plate that the foot rests against vibrates, sending soothing waves rippling through the muscles and joints of the feet and ankles. It includes three pre-set massage programs, three vibration modes, easy-to-use controls, carry handles on the side, and an adjustable tilt rest that allows you to use the massager at a comfortable angle.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 22.2 × 18 × 20 in


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